Be Global – New Resource for U of I Students

Be Global is a new resource for U of I students to find out about international opportunities – both on campus and abroad.

Think of it as a website, an international community, and an ideal.

 5 Ways to Be Global:

1. Attend the Be Global kick-off event

Come hear about international opportunities available to students – both on campus and abroad. This event will include a brief introduction to local and global activities, a chance to meet other students, and free dinner, coffee, and tea.

2. Discover how you can give your college experience a global perspective

Our website features tons of ideas on how to get involved in a global minded community.  Whether you are looking for things to do locally or globally there is no shortage of opportunities!

3. Find a project that aligns with your passion

Whether it is through an organization or research team there are projects you can get involved with to provide a tangible example of what addressing challenges in the real world is like.

4. Read student stories from abroad

The paths taken by students from the University of Illinois span the globe.  Use the experiences of other students to inspire yours.

5. Write your own story

The course of your life has yet to be determined so find ways to steer yourself to new territory and new opportunities. If you have a piece of your story you’d like to share let us know.

But most importantly keep exploring and keep discovering. 

Visit Be Global to learn more and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


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