Looking for a class for the spring? Check out ENGL 109!

Looking for an advanced composition class to add for the spring? Check out this section of ENGL 109!  Seats in this section are currently restricted to students in LLCs.

ENGL 109                             INTRODUCTION TO FICTION – ACP
11-11:50 MWF   63 Allen
3 hrs
31923 U1

For Unit One and other LLC students until 12/10/12

Course Description:

English 109 is designed to introduce students to the critical analysis of prose fiction. By reading a wide range of short and long fiction across several historical periods, we will examine how such narrative strategies as plot, character, point of view and language construct meaning.  The instructor will bring a variety of texts and interpretive methods to the course, but special emphasis will be placed on concepts and skills central to good literary critical writing.

Course requirements include papers and paper revisions totaling 25-30 pages. Papers are assigned according to the judgment of the instructor, but will include assignments of various lengths and several opportunities for review and revision.

TEXTS: Readings vary from section to section but always include an anthology of short fiction and three or four novels.


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