WEX Programs

In addition to our Fall Orientation Program and traditional Get on the Bus programs, Weston Exploration offers a variety of programs throughout the year designed to help you!

Check back on this page for updates throughout the year!

WEX PRO Chat-n-Chew Lunch Series

Come down to WEX PRO on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month for our Chat-n-Chew Lunch Program Series.  We provide lunch and each day explores a different topic. Click here for more information on each date and topic.


Stop by WEX PRO in the Weston basement on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and grab some FREE POPCORN. Our staff is available if you have questions, but you can also just come on through and grab a nice, healthy afternoon snack!


So You Want to Be an RA/MA

Monday, September 30 @ 7pm in the Weston Main Lounge

Learn about the RA/MA positions, the application process, and helpful tips and resources.

Stress Less Program

Tuesday, October 1 @ 7pm in WEX PRO (Weston Basement)

Stop by to learn some stress management techniques, relaxation techniques, and make your own stress pack and stress balls.

Spa Night

Tuesday, October 15 @ 7pm in WEX PRO (Weston Basement)

Come and experience “Secrets of the Spa” in a relaxing and comfortable setting.  Pamper yourself with hand-exfoliates, massage oils, facial masks, and aromatherapy.  Learn stress management tips along with other ways to help you RELAX!  Enter your name in a raffle for a “Spa Basket”.

Spring Registration Workshop

Wednesday, October 30 @ 7pm in Weston Classroom 7 (Weston Basement)

Learn about the course registration process and helpful tips and tricks for registering for classes.

Fitness Fun Class

Tuesday, November 5 @ 7pm in Weston Classroom 6 (Weston Basement)

As we move into the colder months staying active sometimes falls to the wayside. Come learn how to have fun with fitness while participating in a variety of exercises and stretches.

Finding a Major That Fits

Tuesday, November 14 @ 7pm in WEX PRO (Weston Basement)

Identify your interests, connect them to majors and discover resources to help you explore.


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